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Lee Steel Work | Melbourne Construction Supplier

Light-gauge Steel Expert

Sustainable • Cost Efficient • Reliable

We provide one-stop light-gauge steel solutions.
Melbourne Local Supplier

Lee Steel Work, based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, provides service and products in relation to light steel framing for both commercial and residential builders.

Professional Team

Our products are manufactured by a team of well-trained engineers and skilled technicians.

World-class Steel

Our steel frames are reliable & sustainable, being trusted by both national and international clients.

Design & Manufacturing

We take care of the design producing accurate and detailed drawings to your specifications.

About Leesteelwork

Steel Wall Frames

Available in several widths, and in a variety of thicknesses.

Roof Trusses

Steel roof trusses are easy-to-install. They do not fall victim to splitting, cracking or shrinkage, and are not subject to attack by termites.

Floor Joists

Light steel joists are less possible to rot, sag, shrinking and warping, and resists fungals.

Racking Systems

Fully customisable to cater your warehouse storage needs. They are easy to install, durable and cost effective.

Decking Systems

Light gauge steels are the ideal solution for construction of decks over solid surfaces. 

Window/Door Frames

Combined strength with light weight design, LSW steel frames are a practical and stylish solution for window & doors.

Application Areas

Light-gauge steels are widely used in both residential and commercial construction projects.

Contact Us

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Cater to all your needs

Light gauge cold-formed steel is well established in several markets and expanding its footprint in a number of other application areas. 

Australia's Leading Light-gauge Steel Supplier

Prefabricated Steel Framing Solution



Leesteelwork uses industry leading Framecad manufacturing process to deliver high-quality light-gauge steel solutions.

  • Producing profiles from 2.5" (63mm) to 6" (150mm) up to 18g (1.20mm) thickness.

  • Suited to construct walls, floors and roofs for 1 – 3 level residential, modular and transportable units, and light commercial construction.

  • ​Designed to produce easy-assembly prefabricated construction light-gauge steel.

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